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I got my new keyboard, and I love it so much. I love to mess around with the color settings and whatnot. I'm really glad I was able to get it before we had to cut back a ton on spending (though it would be nice to have that money now to buy things for the apartment... buuuuut shiny keyboard!).

My mom and I moved a bunch of things (mostly games and books, no furniture quite yet) to the apartment yesterday. I brought the boxes and cases back so I could fill them back up. Right now I'm working on the bookcase where I put all the books I definitely wanted to take with me, and then I'm going to work on emptying out one of the tall, skinny bookcases in the hallway, so I can take that for my READING NOOK. Which I hope works out as well as I'm imagining it will, because I want one so bad. ;-; My mom is going to let me take my grandma's old rocking chair, I think. :)

The day after I canceled my state health insurance, I finally got mail telling me what my new insurance was... that I had just canceled. They told me I would get something "soon" back in October. And now it's been ten days and I still don't have the cancellation notice showing when my coverage will end. /o\ I assume it's ending any day now. :x

I was kind of like, oh nooooo when we started discussing apartment stuff, cuz we have virtually no furniture of our own, but so far it's worked out. :x Alan's friend is going to give us a futon, which is good cuz we have no couch. A friend of my mom's is giving us a dresser, coffee table, and two end tables. She also had an entertainment center, but our TV is like, one inch too tall to fit in it because of the feet on the bottom :( so that sucks. And we might be getting a second bed from another friend of my mom's, which would be great, too. And a dining table. :D Just have to figure out chairs and lighting stuff.

I don't know how finals went... I know I got a 100% on my final exam in customer service, but not sure how it all averaged in grade-wise. The deadline for the evaluation for that course was the day after the mod ended, and I didn't fill it in in time. T_T And I haven't gotten around to doing my other evaluations yet, but I should think about doing that tomorrow. :x I've been on vacation this week, but back to school on Monday for my Excel course, and then I also have an online course for career counseling or something like that. Really hope I'll be able to find a job fast after I graduate. :( I need to do a ton of studying over the summer for my certifications. I would like to take a course on North Street that one of my professors is teaching, but it'll be expensive, so I'll probably have to ask Mom and Dad for help paying for it. If we weren't moving out, we'd be able to afford to pay for it on our own by the time the class rolls around, but I doubt that'll happen now. :x

Half of my class graduated ;-; I'll miss them, but at least the other half of my class is still going to be taking classes with me next mod, and then we'll all graduate. O_O

I was glad to have this week off school because the Nighthold came out in WoW. :D I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Unfortunately, my hunter's playstyle changed massively in the last week, and I'm not sure I'm a fan. :( I know I must be doing something wrong, but I can't really pin what exactly it is, and my DPS is shit. Also, trying to figure out boss mechanics while also trying to get a hang of my new rotation is terrible. I ended up with three pieces of tier, which I'm excited about, but I also feel awful because my DPS is awful and I kept dying. :( But we cleared normal mode Nighthold and I got my super fancy mount. I'm looking forward to when LFR comes out so I can get some more transmog. :x

And I also finished my Trial of Valor quest on my hunter and got the cool transmog set. :D So that was neat. My druid is pretty close to finishing it, so I'll probably do that over the weekend. Anyway, I really miss the old markmanship hunter playstyle and I hope they bring it back somehow. :( I'm almost debating going back to my old, now-subpar talents for raiding because then at least I don't have to focus so much on my rotation when I need to be looking around me for other things. :( idkkkkk.

Anyway, time to go to bed~ might post tomorrow. I have a short shift at work and a lot of packing to do, though. ;-; Hoping to get some furniture moved this weekend. Dad asked us who was going to help us move, and I was like, uhhhhhh...... you? Like... who else would. But he also hasn't even been to see the apartment or anything so I don't know how involved he'll get in any of that. But Mike said he would help us move and Mom said she would too, so yay.


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