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Jun. 23rd, 2007 01:16 am
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I don't know if I posted about it, but my laptop is dead/sent away, so I will be kind of MIA for a while. My new computer should be here in a week or two. :x

Went back to Karazhan tonight with DotA and got the first three bosses again. :) Went smoothly more or less - looking forward to attempting Opera Saturday night. Hoping we don't get Wizard of Oz again, as I'm kind of intimidated by it now. XD Moroes dropped a shiny for me. :) I had a lot of fun! And I played my paladin on my day off (yesterday). Level 54 now. :D

Work was pretty much the same as always. <3; I found out that next summer I may be able to get a different type of job in an eye doctor's office (entering data or something?). It would pay more based on what I'm getting right now, but I'm getting my year's raise soon and will be close to getting the second when that comes around... so we'll see. I don't really have this crazy urge to quit my job or anything (well... most of the time :P), but there are days when I think I'd really like to be doing something different.

My TV is finally hooked up in my room again. :D I've been watching a lot of things I wasn't able to see before because of my dad using his computer. :P But now I'm really tired, sooo I'm going to go to bed. I might post again tomorrow!

Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] rosicrucian! :)
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Karazhan went really well. :) We 1-shot Attumen and 2-shot Moroes last night, and tonight we 2-shot Maiden. The Wizard of Oz event we didn't really have the composition for (basically, they wiped the floor with us the first time, so XD), and then we tried to get an optional boss in the basement to spawn, but we cleared a ton of trash and it apparently didn't want to spawn. We wiped on what seems to have been trash respawn and mobs aggroing through a wall, and by then it was nearing 12:30 AM EST, so we called it. I'm so proud of everyone, though! :D

Todayyy was Father's Day. :D So my mom and I took my dad out to breakfast. I started to watch what I think was the season finale of House? but I never finished it. D: Oh well, though. Then I ended up playing my pally with Alan until we ended up heading to my brother's house for his birthday. We had cake. :D And Shealyn was being SO CUTE OMGGGGG. So adorable. XD She was like "Cake! :D!" and stuff. Ohmancute. I had her sit in my lap so it would free up a chair. XD; She's just too cute.

I was really emo today because my laptop (which has been having errors for a while as some of you know) decided the system folder was corrupted and stopped booting up at all. I was able to get anything I might need off the hard drive (which, really, I should have done BEFORE it came to that, but oh well I guess :/), and it's being taken away tomorrow. :D; Hopefully to be fixed FOR GOOD. Since it was still having display issues and stuff after I sent it away to be fixed the first time. Granted, the problem wasn't nearly as bad, but it was still there.

Anyway, I am STARVING. So I'm gonna go see what I can do about food before I crash. :D It's kind of funny, I think I felt more awake yesterday with literally NO sleep than I did today when I got 9 hours of sleep! But I think that had I slept more, I would have been better off. I was still REALLY tired when I woke up, but I tried to fall back asleep for a while and it just wasn't happening.

Also haha, I BARELY REMEMBER even going into my room last night. I was joking I would be out once my head hit the pillow and that really seems to be the case. XD

Tomorrow I get to watch last week's CSI and House! :D I missed a LOT of whatever season it is that they're showing right now (of CSI: Miami), so I'm happy we're still recording the older episodes. :)

Okayyyy, fed now but exhausted so. Sleepy time!

I love days off!


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