Jan. 9th, 2017

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Hello 2017. :D

Things are going pretty well for me. I'm currently in the last week of this mod for school, studying for finals. I've been trying to catch up on school reading and whatnot that I fell behind on, so reading for fun has basically not been happening, which is sad. :( But I need to do well in school, so oh well. ;-;

My LAST MOD is this upcoming one (!!!!!) so I'm really happy about that. My upcoming courses are a career counseling seminar (I think) that basically helps prepare you for interviews, and then a course on Excel, which is good, because I am hoping to apply for a job tomorrow that requires experience with Excel, and I could use a refresher. :x

In other exciting news, Alan and I will hopefully be moving into our first apartment together very soon! I stopped by the bigger store in the area and talked to one of my old bosses to see about setting up a transfer, and it sounds like that's going to work out, so we will be able to continue to pay our bills once my loans go into repayment in a couple of months. :x The apartment itself I really, really love, so yay, I'm very excited. Hoping to finalize all of that this week. :)

Some things that happened in WoW this week that made me happy... my warrior got her first legendary (just some bracers that heal 1% of my health for every 10 rage I spend, but still, they seem excellent for soloing, at least!) and my hunter got her other best-in-slot legendary, the boots for marksmanship! I'M SOOOOO HAPPY. I screamed when I opened my emissary cache and they popped up. XD I'm really excited about this, especially with Nighthold coming up! The boots also seem like they will have great synergy with marks' set bonuses, so it's all very exciting. xD There's also a new patch coming tomorrow which I'm excited about, though I probably won't have too much time to mess around with it until I'm finished up with finals.

I also did a lot of adulting today, which was kind of awful and exhausting, but I did it. :x I canceled my health insurance through the state since Alan got a new job and I'm now eligible to be put on his insurance. I'll still have that for two more weeks, so I went ahead and refilled both my prescriptions. I'm hoping they won't have trouble with my Zoloft because it's a different pharmacy from normal. I would always get really stressed out calling the other pharmacy every month, so I'm really relieved that after this I will be able to just punch in my prescription number over the phone and won't have to deal with people. :x They're also supposedly getting it in tomorrow instead of in like 3-4 days like would have happened with the other pharmacy, so if that's true, I'll be really happy.

Alan said most prescriptions will cost like $30 or something on his insurance from work which sounds like a lot :( so I'm hoping mine won't cost that much. Guess I'll find out next month. ;-;

I also have to call and activate the credit card that I share with him, but I misplaced my wallet when I took my old insurance card out this morning, so I will have to try to do that before I leave for class tonight. At least that will all be automated and therefore theoretically nothing to stress over. And I also arranged to return a hoodie I ordered from the Blizzard store so I could exchange it for the next size up, so whoooooo, getting stuff done.

In other news~ the puppyfluffs are doing well. I love my dogs. ;-; This morning I left the door to Addie's crate open and she came out on her own!!!!! and then ran in circles on the floor at the end of the bed for like 10 minutes. I put a bed down there and she hopped in and curled up and it was really cute, but then I accidentally startled her and she dashed back to the crate. I need to talk to Mom about help with getting her a bath, but other than that, she's all good right now. :) Maggie and Elly also both recently got haircuts, so they're doing pretty well, too. I need to make sure to make Maggie another appointment for maybe early March, just so her coat doesn't get totally out of control again. My groomer does such an amazing job with both of them and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her. ;-;

Also, not sure if I wrote about this last week... I think it happened after I posted, so probably not. I am a master klutz and spilled a cup of milk all over my keyboard sometime last week, so I made a somewhat impromptu decision and decided that since I needed a new keyboard anyway, why not splurge and get a nice one!!! so I got a mechanical keyboard with RAINBOW LEDS and I'm so freaking excited about it, lol. The keyboard itself is also blue with black keys, so that's really cool. I'm super excited. I liked using my sister's at her house, so now I will have my ownnnnn. Clickity clack clack clack 8) Sadly, I won't be getting it until Thursday :( almost 2 weeks after I ordered it, despite 2-7-day shipping from FedEx. But apparently they decided to send it to the postal service rather than deliver to my house, so I need to wait an extra three days. :( But I'm really excited to get it. Money will be tight if/when we move, so it's nice to be able to splurge a bit, but now we have to work on saving money, haha.

Annnnd I guess that's all for now. I need to get back to reading textbooks and whatnot before class tonight. I was all pumped up about getting everything done before class and then accidentally took a two-hour nap. Life~


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