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Alin came home <33333333333 best birthday present ever. D: even though it is technically the 1st. but omg omg omg my kitty is home. T_T

He was in the shed and I made him come out of his hiding place with a hamburger bun. :( Haha. He's ALWAYS getting into the cupboard at home and he and his brother eat all the bread and piss my mom off... so I thought it would work. :D and it did!

I was getting REALLY frustrated because he came to the door like 3 hours ago but when I opened the door, I had to push the curtain aside and it scared him and he bolted. D: And then we couldn't get him to come anywhere near us and my mom said we should go inside because he was meowing too much and we were afraid he might attract unwanted attention. :( But then I went out there on a whim a few minutes ago and heard him and thought it wouldn't hurt to at least try.... and when I realized he was in the shed... :D omg I'm so happy. D: I missed my baby so much. T_T

edit - I will reply to comments tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and gave well wishes for my baby kitty ♥
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Man I have been having 3 really shitty days off of work. :( At the beginning of the week I was looking forward to this weekend so much. And now all I've done for 3 days is stress and cry about shit. And then I woke up this morning after promising I would have a good day and one of my kittens is missing. :( They knocked out the screen in the kitchen window and my dad found all the other cats but he couldn't find Alin, so he woke me up and I couldn't find him either.

And it makes me really mad at myself cause I was going to make him come to bed with me but then I didn't cause it was 5 AM and I didn't want him waking me up 2-3 hours later wanting to leave, so I just left it... and if I hadn't done that he wouldn't have gotten out. :( And then I got woken up at 7 AM anyway by my dad telling me he was missing.

My mom put a sign up at the post office and looked up in the woods, my dad drove around town looking for him, and my mom called the vet to see if anyone had taken him in but they closed at noon. :/ I just hope he comes home by tonight. I'm so scared one of those fisher cat things is going to kill him if he doesn't come home tonight. :(

Ughhhhh I just want to have a good day.


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