Feb. 4th, 2008 10:55 am
kurai: ((the bride) kill is LOVE)
I wish this weekend were longer. :( I shouldn't complain, though... I got Friday off, haha.

Yesterday was okay. I ran Shattered Halls and pretty much felt like the best hunter ever. XD Chris died on a Centurion pull and I helped kite the mobs down the hallway with a frost trap, managed to chain trap another mob 4-5 times on one pull without the Beast Lord set bonus (\o/ it didn't even hit me!) annnd managed like 500-something DPS according to Caitlin. XD I got some new gloves, too. Not the ones I was after, but oh well, they were an upgrade and I'm no longer wearing my level 60 quest reward blue.

I also played some Final Fantasy III! I got stuck a LOOONG time ago and decided to start playing Phoenix Wright instead... it was directing me to an empty castle and there was nothing I could do there. I looked at the walkthrough and found that the castle I was being directed to was full of treasure (yay!), but was entirely optional. So I went to the castle, got my loot, and progressed in the story for the first time in forever. XD It's fun, but I still don't really get how classes and stuff work, haha.

I'm gonna go take a shower and try to go to school early so I can work on some stuff for fiction. I hate that class so fucking muchhhhhhhhhhhh, ugh. At least I have a couple of chances to catch the bus and still have some extra time before class, so I'm not too stressed out about time right now. Gonna set the AH to scan in WoW while I'm in the shower, and after my shower, I'll get breakfast and read this story for today. I made like 350g from auctions yesterday, yay! Though 270 of that was from a set of Coilfang Armaments I sold, but that's not the point. Yaaaay.

I watched Shark and Cold Case last night, but I'd seen both episodes before. New CSI: Miami tonight, yay! And I realized I just told Kate I'd go to a heroic two hours before... so I hope it finishes before CSI. XD I need to remember to do my posting for Modernism when I get home, too. That's right at 8 when my heroic starts, so yay.

Okay, gonna go take a shower and get breakfast before class!


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