Jun. 7th, 2009 07:01 pm
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Sims 3 installing patching now :DDDDDD

SO EXCITED. I hope it actually runs omg. Yay!
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Happy birthday to [ profile] outofstyle! :)

This was a pretty awesome vacation. Pretty much done packing now, just going to clean the desk up and go to bed. :D Will write more when I get home probably.
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Sadie just pulled my sweater off my lap and tugged it around on the floor and made it into a bed, then stared at it for a while and decided she liked her real bed better. XD
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I didn't really do anything productive today. XD I fail. But it was a nice day off. \o/
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Today was okay~ did some Children's Week stuff on my priest this morning and then went to work. Work kind of dragged XD; but when it was done I got a soda and a pizza on the way home and played a little more WoW when I got back. Got Kay Mr. Wiggles. XD

Making my pizza now and watching tru tv. xD But Forensic Files isn't on for some reason... I think maybe it comess out at 10, though?

Annnd it did. >_> XD

I have the next two days off. :D So happy~

Yesterday I got my mom her Mother's Day present (I tried to make it a surprise, but my dad didn't pick up the phone to get it before she got out of work). I got her a hydrangea and gave it to Kendra for the week for safekeeping since I figured I'd end up killing it, haha. :x Also stopped at the bank and deposited my check from this week and my check from puppysitting this past weekend, so I was all set for my loan today. Once I get my paycheck this coming Thursday, I can deposit some money to take care of the loan payment coming out the week after that.

My hours next week aren't too bad~ three days off again, whee, and I don't have to work on Saturday because someone else offered to cover it instead.



Mar. 11th, 2009 12:20 am
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Happy birthday to [ profile] amerynn! :D
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Happy birthday to [ profile] the_violet_star (a little bit late D: oops!) and [ profile] icklehoot. :D
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Happy New Year! \o/
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Merry Christmas! :D


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:05 pm
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HYJAL IS SO FUN OMGGGG :D So glad I got to see it before Wrath came out \o/ Got to wave 6/8 before Azgalor and then trash overwhelmed us. XD; But omg that was incredible.

Okayyy back to writing my NaNo now. >_>
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I just declined someone's IM... if that was you please IM m e again, thanks!
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Happy birthday to [ profile] evacentauri though I don't think you even read LJ anymore. XD
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Happy birthday to [ profile] chiasmus :)
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Happy birthday to [ profile] catiechu and [ profile] kendrasue :D
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I have a job hooray.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] chichiri! :D I hope you have an awesome day Roxy \o/
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Happy birthday to [ profile] annanda :)
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Happy birthday to [ profile] kemayo :D
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